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Wofftown Tells you How to Use Portable Motorized Electric Wheelchairs Correctly

Views:19     Author:Wofftown Marketing     Publish Time: 2016-11-29      Origin:Wofftown Marketing

It's convenient for elderly to use the electric wheel, but many elderly don't know how to use the Electric Wheelchair. Wofftown tells you the details of use Portable Motorized Electric Wheelchairs 

Using the Electric Wheelchair
Getting into your wheelchair
 The power must be turned off.
 The footplates should be removed or swung out of the way.
 Transfer to the electric wheelchair using your recommended transfer method.
 The footplates can now be repositioned down and place your feet comfortably.
 Fasten lap belt.
electric wheelchair
Getting out of your Electric Wheelchair
 The power must be off.
 The footplates should be removed or swung out of the way.
 Unfasten lap belt.
 Transfer using your recommended transfer method.
 Make sure the electric wheelchair is put on charge (if being left over night). Ensure it is stored out of the way so no-one can trip over it.
Driving the Electric Wheelchair
 Always make sure to use a lap belt when operating your electric wheelchair
 The basics of driving your electric wheelchair is to point the joystick controller in the direction of travel.
 When you are driving the electric wheelchair always make sure that both feet are on the footplate to ensure that they do not get trapped under the wheels. 
 There is button to adjust the speed of your wheelchair. Please choose a safe speed for yourself.
 point the joystick controller    adjust the speed
Important Safety Tips
It is important that you take note of these safety tips to ensure your safety whilst using the electric wheelchair.
Reaching and Bending Fordwards
  Avoid leaning forwards (beyond the armrests).
  Avoid bending to reach low objects.
  Avoid reaching behind you over the top of the back rest.

Electric wheelchairs can be quiet, make sure others are aware of you
 Brakes
     Always make sure that the brakes are applied when you are stationary. The brakes come on automatically when the electric wheelchair is turned off.
     Never stand on footrests. This could cause the wheelchair to tip forwards.
Before you were loaned your electric wheelchair it will have been checked and received regular servicing. Check the electric wheelchair regularly for any defects or damage. This is essential for your safety and most effective use.
     Check they are secure,properly adjusted and operated correctly.
     Check tyres are inflated and check tyre tread.
     Check there are no tears to the back and seat canvases. The canvas and frame can be cleaned with warm soapy water.
     Check nuts/bolts for the footplates, armrests and any accessories you have been loaned.
Wofftown is very particular about customer’s feeling, and values the customer’s overall user experience. We provide customized, respectful and considerate service to every customer. If you want to know more about the Folding Power Wheelchair feel free to contact us.





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