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Product Specifications

What are your advantages of your power wheelchair compared with others?

WFT electric wheel chair advantages are:
1.Light: Weighing 20~25kg & can be folded up to put into any car trunk, saving you the hassle and expense of a car mounted wheelchair lift. Indoors or out, on trains, planes, or automobiles, when it's time to go anywhere there's no better travel companion than a WFT Wheelchair.
2.Easy control: Computer system ensures great stability of fast or slow speed, suitable for taking a walk or shopping in a market.
3.Multi-functional: Rear-wheel driving, using as a trolley or walking support (not easy to tilt over). Stable thru the turns, the WFT won't tip like other 2 or 3 wheeled chairs.
4.Special designs: Anti-shock and anti-tilt wheels to ensure the safety and comfort of wheelchair users. WFT Wheelchairs are with very effective suspenssions. Stable and comfortable during your outdoor travel, when driving over uneven terrain, or climbing obstacles. They offer powerful suspension systems, high drive speeds, and numerous drive control options.
5. Quality Guarrantyt: All WFT power wheelchairs have to be 100% inspected before delivery. Every chair must be tested by a 10 degree to 15 degrees lope and each motor has to pass the fatigue test, motor noise is not allowed to be greater than 60 decibel and has achieved 3C, UL testing and certification. WFT Wheelchair has achieved more than 30 patents,lS0 Quality System ldentification, CE certificate and FDA.