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Are the tires solid material or are the inflatable which will require a pump?

Here are inflatable and are a pain in the butt to inflate. the stems are to short I must remove the tires to service. Amazon does sell that size tire solid rubber, If the wheels were slit hubs I would get them but I haven't figured out how to get the solids on the wheel with no tire tools.
The tires are solid Polyurethane PU Foam covered in plastic. The foam mimics air tires. It is covered in Plastic to give it a strong outer shell. You never need to inflate them.

Does it perform different as wheels get larger that makes them worth more money?

The wheel size available in our Standard Model are 8" rear wheels. The Luxury models have larger wheel options in the 10" and 12" variety. The Luxury model also comes in an 8" wheel option. For the larger wheel sizes, you will have better performance on rougher terrain. If you do a lot more outdoor activity, then the 10" and 12" wheels are a better option being that they have more treading. They also have overall more wheel material, so you will have to change the rear wheels less often. That is the added benefit that makes them worth more money, because in the long run, you end up spending less on rear wheel replacements.