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FAQ about WFT wheelchair

Can battery be charged while in chair? Is a charger included?

It comes with a charger and sufficiently long cord. No need to remove battery to charge. However, the WFT battery is very easy to remove if you wanted to charge it off the chair.

Do I need to unplug or remove the battery when fold it?

You do not need to unplug or remove the WFT battery to fold it. Although, doing so will lighten the load by another 6.5 pounds, so it could make it even lighter for you to lift it. But absolutely you do not need to unplug or remove the battery to fold it.

Can I travel with this to a country that uses 240 Volt electricity, like UK?

Yes, it has a 100-240 volt ac charger. the charger for this device is rated to work with 220 Volts. You simply need an adapter to change the plug for the overseas socket.

How long does it take to go from half to full charge; can be charged on-board?

A lot of customers order a second battery and a standalone charger. With the standalone charger, you can charge the second battery directly from the wall outlet, and always have a full second battery to swap out at any time, leaving no downtime waiting for a battery to charge back up.

Can I take this on a plane and check it in curbside?

You will need to check the wheelchair in when boarding, to store it in the airplanes baggage compartment. You will not be able to check it in with the Lithium Ion battery connected. You must disconnect the battery, store it in the black travel pouch that comes with your wheelchair, and bring it with you in your Carry On bag. The DOT (Department of Transportation) regulates the allowance of lithium ion batteries that can be taken onto an airplane by the Equivalent Lithium Content (ELC) of the batteries. Some airlines may have their own restrictions, so it is always best to check with the specific airline you are flying. Most will be compassionate enough to allow it, as it does meet the DOT regulations and it is a mobility aid that is essential to your travel.

Is the footrest adjustable and can it be lowered to stand up from the chair?

Footrests are not adjustable. They swing to the side to allow one to stand up Just like a manual wheel chair.

Do the footrests swing back while still attached?

Yes, they swing away. In general the chair functions well, however, replacement parts cannot be found.

Does the seat recline ? Can I keep my leg unbent using the extended footrest?

This model does not have a reclining back, but it is angled. We do have a line of Luxury Models which do have a back that reclines in 5 positions.

Is the back adjustable?

Different types of products have different settings

Are the tires solid material or are the inflatable which will require a pump?

Here are inflatable and are a pain in the butt to inflate. the stems are to short I must remove the tires to service. Amazon does sell that size tire solid rubber, If the wheels were slit hubs I would get them but I haven't figured out how to get the solids on the wheel with no tire tools.
The tires are solid Polyurethane PU Foam covered in plastic. The foam mimics air tires. It is covered in Plastic to give it a strong outer shell. You never need to inflate them.

Does it perform different as wheels get larger that makes them worth more money?

The wheel size available in our Standard Model are 8" rear wheels. The Luxury models have larger wheel options in the 10" and 12" variety. The Luxury model also comes in an 8" wheel option. For the larger wheel sizes, you will have better performance on rougher terrain. If you do a lot more outdoor activity, then the 10" and 12" wheels are a better option being that they have more treading. They also have overall more wheel material, so you will have to change the rear wheels less often. That is the added benefit that makes them worth more money, because in the long run, you end up spending less on rear wheel replacements.

Can I put a seat-belt on this chair, and what's weight capacity can it hold?

Yes, it comes with a seat belt that can be mounted around the seat of the frame/back support.
The weight capacity is 265 pounds, but at close to that weight you may feel tight in the seat. If you weigh near that amount, look into our luxury models which are slightly larger.

I need new rear wheels (just wheels) . Is here a link / site others have found?

If you are an owner of an WFT products, replacement wheels are available direct from us. Please visit our website and select

What is the return policy of wheelchair?

If you are not 100% satisfied with WFT wheelchair, we offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
To qualify for a return please note the following:
WFT wheelchair must be clean, and put back in its original packaging.
Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
WFT wheelchair must be returned (shipped) within 60 days from when you receive it.
You must contact us to obtain a return authorization number.
A 15% Restocking Fee will be charged on all returns of the WFT wheelchair.